Getting ready to SHUT DESO !

I’m getting ready for the SHUT DESO protest next Wednesday.

DESO (Defence Export Services Organisation) is a government agency that identifies potential opportunities for arms sales, then works with the arms companies and other elements of government to push for deals.

I really don’t believe that UK tax payers money should be spent on paying around 500 civil servants to help arms companies sell their products. Surely arms companies are pretty capable of selling arms to countries with a dubious human rights record all by themselves. What the hell is the UK government doing helping them?

Read more on DESO.

Anyway I’ll be outside DESO’s annual conference on 7 March kicking up a fuss (=peacefully demonstrating) together with other CAAT and Fellowship of Reconciliation supporters.

Here’s a pic from last years’ protest:

SHUT DESO protest 2006

I need your help for the protest! I’ve set up a pledge saying that I’ll only go if 20 other people will join me.17 so far have said they will be there. Thanks a lot for that guys!

BUT I need THREE(!) more signatures to my pledge!

So if you’re up for a bit of protesting Wednesday lunchtime in central London please sign my pledge!

And please ask your friends too.

Thanks a lot for this! I’ll let you know how it’s going.

If you can’t come to the protest maybe you’d like to sign the online petition to close down DESO.


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