Stop civil servants pushing arms!

Hi, it’s Anne here – a brand new CAAT volunteer. I was down at the Shut DESO demonstration yesterday. DESO (Defence Export Services Organisation) is a government agency which promotes the UK arms export business. It employs about 500 civil servants. About thirty people turned up which is great for a mid-morning, mid-week demo. DESO were holding their annual symposium at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre near Westminster Abbey, and we stood outside waving our banners and handing out leaflets to passers-by. Around 300 leaflets were handed out so lots of people will get the chance to learn about the influence of arms companies on government policies and CAATs campaign to Shut DESO.

CAAT supporters protesting at the DESO annual symposium

It was a lovely morning standing in the sunshine talking to other protesters. Some of whom had come from as far a field as Reading and Cambridge. At 1:00pm we made our way round the corner to the Treasury to hand in a petition calling for the closure of DESO. It had been signed by over 10,000 people including such prominent names as writer George Monbiot, comedian Mark Thomas and economist Samuel Brittan. CAAT staffer Anna Jones and Chris Cole from the Fellowship of Reconciliation handed in the petition at the front desk.

Rikki from Indymedia came down to bear witness. Look at the fantastic pictures he took!

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  1. Petition to Demilitarize the World!

    War is Just a Racket: Take a Stand; Dismantle the War Machine; Demilitarize the World!


    Please endorse the Petition, post on your network AND distribute widely!


    In the words of a USMC General, war is the oldest, the most profitable and the most vicious racket—one in which the profits are measured in dollars and the losses in body bags.

    To stop the war racketeers profiting from wars and to void their ‘license to mass murder,’ we the undersigned call on you, the world community, parents, writers, poets, artists, farmers, workers, academics, professionals and all other concerned individuals to rise up and take a stand against the insanity of militarism forced on your community.

    Take control of your destiny. Help bring about an end to the manufacture and sales of weapons in your country and the world. Redirect your national income from feeding the war machine to provide food, shelter, health, education and harmony for all.

    Remember: Without our consent, explicit or implied, the wheels of the military machine would come to a grinding halt.

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