Disarm UCL campaign going strong

It’s been a while since I last updated you guys on how things are going at the Disarm UCL campaign.

As you might know University College London (UCL) is currently the biggest university investor in the arms trade in the UK. Most UCL students, staff and alumni think this is a disgrace. I am one of them.

We had a meeting last night and it was good to see everyone so full of ideas and enthusiasm for the campaign so close to the end of the academic year.

Despite the fact that most of us are coping with very stressful exams and essay deadlines the campaign is still going strong. We have a new alumni coordinator who got 30 UCL alumni to write to the UCL Provost to tell him to ditch the arms shares via pledgebank. Well done, Dan! And thanks to everyone who wrote letters.

We also have a cool Disarm UCL music gig coming up next Monday, which has been organized by the UCL Union live music society – so that should be fun! Come along if you’re free. More details here.

We have some more exciting things planned next week. But for this we need your help: we need to buy some props for a photo stunt but have no budget. If you can help us out with a donation please sign our Disarm UCL pledge.

Also: Check out the June/July issue of CAAT News when it comes out for more info about the Disarm UCL campaign and our supporters.

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