Could you be the next Attorney General?

Many of us will agree with Lord Goldsmith’s own assessment that “it is a particularly appropriate moment for [him] to move on” but perhaps he would not concur with those who believe his next position should be on a bottom bunk in a cell. In case you are thinking of applying for the now-vacant position, here are a few questions that may help confirm your suitability for the post.

1. Which of these is the best way to be noticed?

a. Work hard as a barrister and then obtain extensive political experience.

b. Be friends with a friend of the PM and make a donation to the Labour party.

2. The PM wants to start a “pre-emptive” war. Do you…?

a. Clarify the need for a UN Resolution that authorises such force.

b. Equivocate and then fall into line with the man who could sack you.

3. Honours may be being offered in return for donations/loans. Would you…?

a. Remove yourself from involvement in a political scandal involving friends.

b. Insist you will decide on any prosecutions and then take no action.

4. There is substantial evidence that a British company is bribing foreign officials. What is the correct procedure?

a. Allow a full investigation by the Serious Fraud Office to run its course.

b. Depends whether it’s an arms company or not.

5. The anti-corruption watchdog, the OECD, requests details about allegations of bribery. You should…?

a. Allow full disclosure. The UK Government must be seen to be firmly anti- corruption.

b. Order British investigators to conceal payments.

How was it for you? If you answered mostly (a), you could be the next Attorney General of a democratic government which does not think itself above both domestic and international law. But if you answered mostly (b), you are either Lord Goldsmith or you could be in line for a move to Buckingham Gate.

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  1. your questionnaire underlines the hypocrisy in official circles
    trust is undermined when politicians and those who work for them employ double standards.
    global poverty is the direct result of the arms trade.
    money spent on wmd could restore wealth to humanity if the will to create real fairness was universal.
    war on want is the only war worth fighting.
    other wars are greed and jealousy and ego posing as righteous.
    people live in want while leaders create guns for a market run on fear.
    if humans awaken hatred will stop.
    go to
    type in my name
    read the work there
    email if you have an opinion
    caat ought to ask members to put their poems on the site.
    other people can see the work
    and get ideas to write poems against war.

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