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Get your uni to come clean !

A new academic year has just begun and student campaigners at University College London (UCL) are starting to kick a fuss to Disarm UCL again. Despite the decision of the UCL Council to move towards ethical investment UCL still currently holds £884 000 worth of shares in arms trader Cobham plc.

We think this is a disgrace. How serious is UCL about ethical investment when it keeps clinging on to the arms shares? 

The first thing we did was to get a stall at Freshers Fayre last week to tell everyone new to UCL about the arms investments. Turns out the majority of the Freshers and new graduate students we talked to had already heard about UCLs arms investments and the Disarm UCL campaign. We took this as an indication that our campaign is going well and patted each other on the backs 🙂

However due to lack of funds (current Disarm UCL campaigning budget: £0) and lack of time to raise any, we still had to pay for the fliers we gave out – out of our own pockets – which was kind of crap 🙁

This week we have put in a campaign bid to the UCL Union to get some funding. If you happen to be a UCL student please vote for us here. So fingers crossed for that one.

We’ve got a lot of fun creative campaigning ideas to Disarm UCL this year and I shall look forward to blogging about what we’re up to in the next few months.

If your uni invests in arms companies and you’ve had enough of that. Here is some info to get started. Also feel free to contact us at Disarm UCL if you have questions on our campaign.

Let’s get our unis to come clean on investment this year !

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