Disarm UCL campaign steps up the pressure

A quick update on “Disarm UCL” the campaign to get University College London (UCL) to ditch its arms shares.

The campaign is going very, very strongly at the moment. Last week was official “Disarm UCL campaign week” with full support of the Student Union.

We launched our new petition and got lots of signatures.


UCL alumni are furious about UCL’s arms investments. Especially as the university is constantly approaching them for donations but does not give them a guarantee that none of the money from donations is tied up in the arms investments. UCL alumni have now set up a Disarm UCL alumni facebookgroup and have vowed to not support UCL until it divests from arms trader Cobham.

Disarm UCL campaigners have developed a proposal for an ethical investment policy and have last week presented it to the lawyers who are looking into ethical investment at UCL.

And just tonight we had another great success: The UCL Student Union Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to lobby UCL to ditch the arms shares by 14 December. Read more here.

The Disarm UCL campaign is one year old this month. From its very start it’s been going very strongly. Here’s how we’ve done it!

Despite all the successes so far all of us are determined to keep campaigning until UCL divests. There will be more exciting Disarm UCL stunts around campus next week. So watch this space.

Hopefully UCL council will listen to the voices of students, staff and alumni and finally decide to get rid of the disgraceful arms shares at their next meeting on 5 December.

It’s time for UCL to come clean on investment!

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