Withdraw the census contract!

CAAT has signed a joint statement with CND and Stop the War urging the UK government to withdraw the 2011 census contract for England and Wales from arms giant Lockheed Martin.

Count me out demo at Office for National Statistics - 7 March 2011
Count me out demo at Office for National Statistics - 7 March 2011

How many people are aware that the collection of data for the forthcoming UK census, scheduled for 27 March, has been contracted to American arms giant Lockheed Martin? The contract will cost UK taxpayers £150 million.

Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s largest arms producers, with over £33 billion worth of arms sales in 2009. Its products include cluster bombs which
can indiscriminately kill and maim innocent civilians, and nuclear weapons, the use of which are illegal under virtually all conceivable circumstances. Lockheed Martin also manufactures Trident missiles for both the US and the UK nuclear weapons systems and is one of three contractors which run the nuclear weapons factory at Aldermaston.

It is wholly inappropriate that Lockheed Martin should be involved in any aspect of the UK census. Lockheed Martin cannot be trusted to handle, store or retain sensitive personal data. It has been on the frontline in the ‘war on terror’, provided private contract interrogators to Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and has carried out surveillance and data processing work for the CIA and FBI.

Lockheed Martin’s involvement will defeat the accurate data-gathering objective of the census if individuals are deterred from responding through concerns about the security of the information they provide. Some people have already expressed their intention to boycott the census.

Count me out demo at Office of National Statistics - 7 March 2011
Cheque out Lockheed Martin! Count me out demo at Office of National Statistics - 7 March 2011

We urge the Office of National Statistics to withdraw the contract to conduct the 2011 UK National Census from Lockheed Martin and to ensure that no future census or other data contract is given to Lockheed Martin or any other arms company.

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Stop the War Coalition

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4 Replies to “Withdraw the census contract!”

  1. Could no British company have been found for this? And why, if a US company, Lockheed Martin – who are a giant arms company, who are also into unsavoury surveillance of ‘terrorists’? This is a disgrace. What rotten deals have been done behind the scenes, one wonders?

  2. I object VERY STRONGLY to having a terrorist organisation collect & process and hold MY PERSONAL DATA.

    I object VERY STRONGLY to our criminal government YET AGAIN awarding multi-million pound contracts to their chums who run Terrorist Organisations who are responsible for the deaths and maiming of MILLIONS of innocent civilians across the planet.

  3. It is a criminal offence not to comply. Also if people do not comply they will get less funding for government services. CAAT needs to think up some means whereby people can comply with the law and command services, but impose extra cost on the contractor.

    This might include in some way spoiling the paper so that it has to be processed manually. In which case we need to know what to do. So come on, CAAT – tell us how to do this!

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