An exciting year ahead for London CAAT

The London CAAT group looks ahead to a busy year of protesting.

Members of London CAAT protesting outside the Spirit of Summer FairWho we are

London CAAT is a friendly group, made up of both new and more seasoned campaigners, who are committed to making a difference in London, the global hub of the arms trade. We’re an active bunch and there’s plenty to get involved with!

Coming up
Global Day of Action on Military Spending – 17 April

In April, London CAAT will be gearing up to take part in the second annual Global Day of Action on Military Spending.

In 2010 alone, global military spending was roughly $1.6 trillion. In 2010, the UK was the third biggest spender globally, after only the USA and China. The Global Day of Action on Military Spending has been organised to coincide with the release of new figures on military expenditure by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

London CAAT will join groups across the world in bringing attention to the need for a drastic rethink on spending priorities. As we see poverty and climate change devastate lives across the globe, and slashed public services here in the UK, we will be asking how such military spending can possibly be justified.

If you think that $1.6 trillion could be better spent, then join us and take action!

Spirit of Summer Fair – May

Every two years, the DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) arms fair comes to the ExCel centre in London Docklands. DSEI is the world’s largest arms fair. A company called Clarion runs the fair and London CAAT has a long history of protesting at events run by Clarion. Clarion has seen London CAAT members dress up as babies at the Baby Show, elves at the Christmas show and Jeremy Clarkson at Top Gear. In May is Clarion’s Spirit of Summer Fair. Join us at the Summer Fair to tell its customers about the other side of the Clarion business.

And London CAAT isn’t the only group campaigning against Clarion and the DSEI arms fair.

Sparkles not Shrapnel held a demonstration at Clarion’s Destinations Holiday and Travel Show last month. A group from Sparkles Not Shrapnel decided to let visitors to the Destinations Travel Show know that their ticket money was going to support Clarion and the arms trade. They dressed in exotic travel costumes – sailor outfits, bikinis, snorkling gear – and greeted visitors warmly, while handing out leaflets about the DSEI arms fair. A number of visitors came over to thank the team for their efforts, in some cases explaining that they came from areas where conflict is fuelled by imported weapons.

East London Against Arms Fairs is holding a musical protest outside the ExCel centre, where the DSEI arms fair is held, on Saturday 21 April from 1 – 4 pm.

To find out about the coalition working to stop the DSEI arms fair – visit the Stop the Arms Fair website.

Get involved

To receive updates on our activities and contribute to discussions please join our Yahoo! Group or email us on londoncaat(at)riseup*net.

Come along to one of our meetings! We meet each month at the Central Station pub, near King’s Cross. The next meeting is Tuesday 17 April, 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Check our website for more details.

Find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Find pictures of our recent actions on our Flickr page.

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