Should the London Mayor support the arms fair?

London Mayoral candidate Boris Johnson
What does Boris think about London's arms fair?

CAAT activist Jessie has been focusing on the London Mayoral & GLA elections, May 3rd 2012.

With Mayoral & GLA elections coming, we need to know what the candidates think about hosting a major, bi-annual arms fair in London. The arms trade does not appear in their manifestos, so we had to contact them directly to get their views. Between the London CAAT group, the central CAAT office, and with me collating information, we have contacted all four major mayoral candidates.

We have heard back from three already, so the pressure is on! Two have come out against it, one has said the organisers should at least cover policing costs, not the taxpayer. This is a good start!

We have also put information on the CAAT website for anyone to write to their candidates, as well as tips for questions if you are going to a husting. I have found the hustings are rather elusive: few have been advertised so far. There may be a flurry of activity near the date, so keep your eyes peeled in your area.

Armed with the confidence-building tips on the CAAT website, let’s hope we can get candidates’ attention focused on the issue.

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