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Bath peace activists drive out drone conference

Peace activists in Bath protest against the proposed Drones conference

Peace activists in Bath protest against the proposed Drones conference

Monica Pearce of the Bath Stop War Coalition tells how Bath’s famous Assembly Rooms were booked for a conference on military drones, organised by Clarion Events, and how sustained protest forced them to back down.

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Goodbye to Goodwin Street

11 Goodwin Street

11 Goodwin Street, home to Campaign Against Arms Trade for a quarter of a century

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has just moved its office. Although the distance from the old to the new office is a mere 200 yards, and the move itself went smoothly, the process has still been a difficult one, physically and emotionally.

Why? Well for starters we had been in our office at 11 Goodwin Street, Finsbury Park, for a quarter of a century – that’s a long time in a world of short leases, changing rent demands and new organisational needs. But even more, we were attached to Goodwin Street.

Goodwin Street memories
The building has had a long connection with the peace movement. Owned by Peace News Trustees, over the years it been home to dozens of organisations, including Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, support organisations for Palestinians, Oromos and Kurds, local neighbourhood groups – even an organisation to aid street drinkers.

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Will the Natural History Museum host Syria’s arms suppliers?

A sad-looking monkey says "Arms dealers in the Natural History Museum? How could they do such a thing?"I never thought I’d be asking such a question of an institution that has inspired me since my childhood.

Yet here we are: the Natural History Museum has confirmed it will host the official welcome reception for Farnborough International on 9 July. As arms dealers gather to toast their first day of business, will executives from Rosoboronexport, the primary weapons supplier to the Assad regime, be among them?

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