Kat’s duathalon challenge for CAAT

Kat on mountain
Climb every mountain – Kat trains for her first duathlon

Kat Hobbs explains why she is running, cycling and running again on 9 September.

I’ve been a CAAT supporter for several years, and have volunteered in the CAAT offices where I saw first hand the wonderful work that CAAT’s staff are doing.

This is my fourth year fundraising for CAAT, and to add an extra challenge I’ve made a bet with Henry McLaughlin, CAAT’s fundraiser, that if we can beat last year’s fundraising total of £750 then in 2013 I will run my first ever marathon for CAAT. It’s going to be a challenge – please support CAAT and sponsor me!

This year I’m doing the duathalon – that’s a 10km run, a 20km cycle, followed by a 5km run – 35km or 21.75 miles in all! I’m a bit scared – I’ve been training hard to make sure my legs can stand it. I’ve run 10 miles before, but not run, cycled, and then run again for almost 22 miles! And it all happens on 9 September, only a month away.

Kat Hobbs and bike
Off to work – Kat and her trusty bike

I love cycling round London and my Grandad was an excellent time-trial cyclist, so I’m keeping up the family tradition and putting my bike to work. I’ve been cycling to work and running to prepare for the challenge of the duathalon. I’ve even been training on my holidays – I climbed a mountain in Ireland to make sure my legs will be up to it!

After visiting Palestine, I’ve seen some of the effects of the arms trade first hand. When the Arab Revolutions began and British equipment was used to repress democracy campaigners, I joined CAAT to take action. I’m passionate about the work that CAAT does, from innovative research to hard hitting campaigns. And I’ve never met a friendlier bunch of people!

When the arms trade gets so much government support, it’s clear that it’s up to all of us to mobilise some people power to stop it. Small actions can add up to a big difference- so please spare a few quid to sponsor me and help to fund CAAT’s vital work.

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