Hack Day is a happy day for CAAT data

EU arms export browser
EU arms export browser

When Ian Mackinnon proposed that CAAT hold a “Hack Day” to help enhance and improve the presentation of CAAT’s data, I was intrigued. Ian is the data programmer whose skills have enabled CAAT to convert static arms export data from the UK and the European Union into flexible and accessible formats on CAAT website.

CAAT has organised many types of gathering but this was our first Hack Day. Who would respond? Would participants have the skills to deal with the complex data?

As it happens, there was no need to worry. The excellent management and communication skills of Ian and the organising team of Joana, Louis, Jesse and Ursula had persuaded 15 enthusiasts to take a “summer” Saturday out to join us at Kings College in central London.

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The award BAE’s Olver wouldn’t accept

Symon eviction video still
A shareholder activist is evicted from the AGM

What do you get for leading an arms company facing billion-dollar corruption investigations?

Well, BAE’s outgoing Chairman, Dick Olver, has been given a knighthood for his “services to business.”

CAAT had already recognised Olver’s ‘achievements’ at the company’s recent AGM, presenting him with our own prestigious “Whitewash Award.”

Sadly, he was too shy to let us finish our heartfelt tribute – but you can read the full speech below, and watch a video of the award ceremony (with other highlights from Olver’s last ever AGM).

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