How many excuses can you find for hosting arms dealers?

Church House Conference Centre rely on the same three, repeated in various ways to anyone who challenges them – if they reply at all.

Sctivists hold a banner up outside Church House denouncing the conference

Generals, arms dealers and officials from the Ministry of “Defence” will gather for their annual Land Warfare Conference next week, on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th June. They will be hosted in Church House, which includes many of the administrative offices for the Church of England along with the meeting rooms that make up the Church House Conference Centre – or “Church House Westminster”, as it has recently been renamed.

Protests against these militarist conferences at Church House have taken place every year since 2012. Church House have ignored letters, declined requests for meetings and even responded to the Fellowship of Reconciliation – a Christian pacifist network – by blocking them on Twitter.

Militarist conferences are repugnant wherever they happen. I am particularly sad that a prominent Christian-run centre agree to host an event totally at odds with the active nonviolence exemplified by Jesus.

Church House have run out of excuses. They keep repeating the same discredited lines:

1. “Church House Conference Centre is independent of Church House”

This is a legal technicality. The Conference Centre (or “Church House Westminster” as it now calls itself) is a wholly owned subsidiary business of the Church House Corporation, whose President is the Archbishop of Canterbury.

2. “Church House can’t be expected to investigate the ethics of every company that wants to book a room”

It is not difficult to find out the ethics of the companies involved. For the last five years, we have been standing outside Church House with banners that draw attention to them.

3. “The bookings are not made by arms companies”

The conference is organised by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). Church House tell us that RUSI is a “respected thinktank”. Respected by militarists, perhaps. RUSI promote the arms industry, the armed forces and military responses to global problems. Furthermore, these conferences are themselves sponsored by arms dealers. This year’s sponsors include Airbus and L3.

There have been protests, vigils and acts of worship on the steps of Church House in resistance to every RUSI conference there since 2012. This time, with several groups involved, watch out for news of more. One of the biggest protests will be online: we’ll be mass tweeting Church House on Tuesday (27th June). You can reach them at @Churchhouseconf. You can also phone Church House to ask politely but firmly for an explanation, on 020 7390 1590.

For news of any protests that appear during the event, follow the Fellowship of Reconciliation at @forpeacemaker, or me at @SymonHill.

2 Replies to “How many excuses can you find for hosting arms dealers?”

  1. I remember the ” Ban The Bomb ” protests. People were arrested, the police infiltrated the groups and the government did everything the belittle our efforts. Nothing has changed, those is power tell our ” leaders ” what to do and have the backing of the armed forces and police. The arms trade is worth £ billions and will not allow anyone to stop them. They will send thousands to die so they can make a profit. These in power will destroy whole countries to get the land and mineral wealth. We can just hope for change but how to overthrow this system I do not know

  2. The system can be overthrown but only at the cost of persistent commitment, and the use of all tactics, such as CAAT protests, but , at present,especially by working through the momentum which Mr Corbyn has momentarily given to “New Labour”.The ineffectual intellectual phlegm (as Adrian Mitchell described it)of the Third Way must be spat out, and those relatively few political and public figures brave enough to take on the war-mongers and arms-dealers given massive support, morally and even financially.

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