Oil, War and the British Museum

Campaigners take action at the British Museum

When the British Museum announced that it would hold an Assyria exhibition sponsored by BP we were instantly alarmed. Few companies have done as much damage in the region as BP!

We worked together with Iraqi activists and our friends at BP or not BP? in addressing why this exhibition is inappropriate and offensive, to say the least. The role of the British Museum and BP in war, environmental destruction and social and economic inequality needs to be addressed, so we planned a quick direct action at the press launch of the exhibition.

It was important for us to highlight that:

You can read more about our action on the BP or not BP blog?,  or by reading this Middle East Eye piece, coverage in Hyperallergic or also this piece written on the action in Arabic.

You can also watch a video of the action on the 6th November below!

It’s crucial to understand that the arms trade is closely linked to other oppressive structures, and militarisation and climate change are closely interconnected.

Watch this space for more coming up on our collaborative work!

In the meantime, Rodney Kelly, an indigenous Australian campaigner, along with BP or not BP, will be holding a tour of British Museum stolen goods on Saturday 8th December. More information here.

If you’re interested in getting involved, drop us an email.

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  1. Great Work by the Protestors outside the Museum.
    I would like to share with you the words of a wife, mother and Iraq Refugee, when I asked her to share with me the pain in her heart about what happened and is still happening in Iraq, she said” I see it with my own eyes, the killing of women men and children in the streets, the bombs, it was terrible, we said to those bombers, those killing our people, take the oil we do not want it, but please stop the killing, leave our Country please” this dear lady had tears, all I could do was to say I am so sorry, I cried with her and hugged her.
    Thank you for exposing the truth. BP must be held to account along with the Politicians that supported BP and made it all happen.

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