Stop the Arms Fair Week of Action Day 4: Conference at the Gates

It’s an academic conference with a difference!

Learning doesn’t have to happen in traditional institutions. Here students, academics & community organisers are (un)/learning from each other, whilst protesting to #StopDSEI – working collectively to re-think and act on the militarisation and securitisation of the spaces that we occupy in society and the consequential impacts.

The day particularly focused on understanding the arms trade in relation to state violence, shedding light on the issue of race that has for far too long been ignored.

Our struggles are connected and therefore resistance must be too.

This year at Conference at the Gates (CATG), we’re focusing on understanding and resisting DSEI collectively: we want this fight to be a collective one; we want the arms trade to be exposed for what it is – a system that upholds racist, colonial, patriarchal, oppressive systems whilst it demands various oppressions to operate.

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Sessions covered:

Read more here from Unis Resist Border Controls

  • The Myth of Business as Usual in War’ with Shahd Hammouri
  • State violence and the arms trade, making a zine with @daikonzine
  • Carceral universities: how migrant workers are fighting back
  • Post Colonial policing: from Slavery to Serco, with Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper
  • ‘Empire in Arms’ with Amrit Wilson (on behalf of South Asia Solidarity Group), Dr David Wearing, and Prof. Anna Stavrianakis
  • ‘How to investigate your university’, with Huda Ammori
  • Dismantling the Institution – Lola Olufemi + Waithera Sebatindira .

How are arms companies involved in educational institutions like universities?

  • arms companies are investing in universities
  • they are funding departments
  • syllabus and curriculums too often advance the interests of corporations
  • they are militarising the spaces and using them for recruitment

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One Reply to “Stop the Arms Fair Week of Action Day 4: Conference at the Gates”

  1. Instead of the Police protecting the Weapons Industry, they should be protecting us from the Weapons Industry. It is our Taxes that pay the Police Salaries, the Weapons Companies do not pay Police Salaries. The State is abusing us by taking the Police away from protecting us.
    I did not see a shortage of Police on 3rd September outside Excel, as the PM seems to suggest. It is time we ensured the Police work for us and not these Huge Corporate Weapons Companies. Thank you to CAAT and All Groups and people who disrupted the Arms Fair at Excel.

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