World military spending surges to new heights

Last year, as the world unknowingly stood on the brink of the worst international crisis since World War Two in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic, its nations stood very well prepared… for war.

According to data published today by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), world military spending in 2019 amounted to at least $1,917 billion.

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Wheel Stop Trident activists cycle from London to Burghfield

Activist are cycling from London to Burghfield to protest the UK’s , as part of protests around the Global Day of Action on Military Spending. Here, activist Nikki Ray explains why she’s joining the Wheel Stop Trident cycle.Wheel stop trident pic

A few weeks ago I was invited to join Wheel Stop Trident, a group of young people cycling to raise awareness about the amount of money the UK spends on nuclear weapons that we don’t need and how re-prioritising this money would improve vital public services that have been cut by the government. Continue reading “Wheel Stop Trident activists cycle from London to Burghfield”

Time to Act: No War! No Warming!

730timetoactIn his book Capitalist Realism: Is There no Alternative? Mark Fisher sharply argues that when it comes to thinking about changing entrenched social norms and priorities our lives have become dominated by an attitude of resignation and fatalism.

Fisher’s argument can be easily applied to mainstream discourses around climate change and militarism. Just as capitalism dominates the horizon of the possible, talks and ideas for a future without fossil fuels and wars are often rejected as mere utopian fantasy. Indeed, the ‘no alternative’ ideology has such a totalising effect that many seemingly treat ecological catastrophe and the arms trade as facts of nature that simply cannot be reversed, despite hard evidence and rational arguments for the opposite. Continue reading “Time to Act: No War! No Warming!”

Italian campaign against F35s purchase reaches Parliament

NO F35

You may have heard that the troubled Lockhead Martin F-35 Lightning II, Britain’s newest fighter jet, failed to turn up at this summer’s Farnborough Air Show after an engine fire occurred in one of its production models. This incident once again brought to the fore long-standing concerns about the poor reliability and exorbitant cost of the jets; which sell for the ‘modest’ price of $100m-a-unit. Unfortunately the UK has already bought 14 F-35Bs and is committed to buying 48 in total. Continue reading “Italian campaign against F35s purchase reaches Parliament”

Statement on the SIPRI military expenditure figures for 2013.

Photo by Jayel Aheram
Photo by Jayel Aheram

The latest world military expenditure figures show that spending is an enormous $1.75 trillion. One of the nations continuing to spend the most is the UK, which plans to spend £38 billion in 2014/15. This shows the backwards priorities of a government that is protecting its overblown military budget, at the same time as it is subjecting vital public services to drastic spending cuts.

For too long we have lived with the myth that high military spending maintains peace, creates jobs and combats terrorism. This myth is promoted by governments and the multinational arms companies that benefit from the global arms trade politically and economically.

The money and skills which are currently being wasted on needless and destructive weapons like the Trident nuclear weapons system would be far better spent on strengthening vital services and tackling the real challenges affecting our society; such as poverty, health inequality and environmental problems. Continue reading “Statement on the SIPRI military expenditure figures for 2013.”

“Play the budget right”

Join us in protest on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending – 15 April 2013

The UK's military spending is £39bn every year - enough to stop the cuts to the NHS. Twice.

Want to learn more? See CAAT’s press release and visit the GDAMS website.

Join one of the events taking place around the country, including our “Play the budget right” street theatre action, Old Palace Yard, Westminster (opposite the Houses of Parliament), 9am, 15 April 2013.